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SCF - Screw Feeder

The CON-V-AIR Solutions screw feeder is designed to serve the needs of the dry chemical addition in the water treatment industry. Designed for continuous duty and high precision yet highly adaptable by having the same frame for all screw sizes.

Designed for hydrated lime, quick lime, potassium permanganate, sodium silicofluoride, soda ash, calcium carbonate, dry polymer, magnesium oxyde & powder activated carbon.


  • Standard painted carbon steel construction, 316 stainless steel offered as an option
  • Optional load cell platform mounting
  • Feed screw overwrap and vibrator for precise and continuous feeding
  • Variable-speed motor with linear feeding output
  • All models operate on a 1/2 HP motor for the screw (DC or VFD) and a 1/6 HP 120V vibrator


Configurator options

Process and instrumentation diagram

Process capability

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