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MBD - 25kg Manual Bag Dump Station

With over 40 years of bulk bag unloading experience, CON-V-AIR has an uncomparable level of engineering, designing and fabrication for standard or custom applications. Its robust construction makes our stations durable and strong during transport, installation and in operation. CON-V-AIR's 25kg bag unloading systems are optimized for maximum operator safety and their options allow easy setup with an automated system. Its integrated and compact dust collection system is unique in its kind and will meet the requirements of any type of product and environment.


  • Power Plant
  • Plastic Industry
  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Municipal
  • Industrial


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • In-house quality control
  • Durable coating according to any applications and a quality surface finish
  • Factory prewired, preassembled and tested


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