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DIS – Direct Injection System

Wetting Cone - WCC

The CON-V-AIR Solutions Wetting Cone applies a basic, timeproven method of introducing dry product into solution. Dry chemical is metered into the wetting cone where it is mixed with incoming water to produce the wanted solution concentration. Water is introduced via the wetting ring, which circles the perimeter of the cone, and flows down the walls of the cone and into its base where it blends with the dry chemicals. This shower of water ensures that the cone itself remains clean while the vortex, created at the base, ensures proper solution mixing. A top cover allows the operators to quickly and easily inspect the inside of the cone should the need be. Equipped with an overflow port, the wetting cone can easily be mounted with an optional overflow protection sensor to shut off inled feed water in the event of a downstream line blockage.

Water supply line comes standard with:
- Manual ball valve
- Solenoid valve
- Pressure gauge
- Required piping, fittings and hose


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel wetting ring
  • "Easy-Off" top cover for easy inspection
  • No solution volume accumulation
  • Overflow port
  • Solution ejector
  • Wetting ring inlet water brass throttling valve


  • Overflow liquid level sensor
  • FLEXTURI anti-clogging liquid ejector

Process Capability and Requirements

  • Dry Feed Inlet (Dim "A"): ø 1/2" to 2"
  • Solution Concentration: Up to 7%
  • Dry Chemical Feed Rate: Up to 10 kg/min
  • Water Inlet Port: 1/2" MNPT
  • Water Requirement: 30 L/min


Configurator options

Process and instrumentation diagram

Process capability

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