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Storage Silos

Our storage silos are manufactured to meet our stringent specifications and are designed to reduce onsite installation requirements. Internal and external welding ensure leak free operation.

Cone design ensures product flow for even the most flow restrictive materials.

Operational by design our silos are aesthetically pleasing and many architects have asked for our input in an effort to integrate these with existing and new construction.


Storage Silos
Enlarged view

Standard Equipment

  • Carbon Steel- 3/16" wall thickness construction. Internal and external welds.
  • Sandblasted and epoxy painted
  • Truck delivery fill line supplied complete with visual and audible alarm indicating to operator when to stop filling
  • Pressure/Vacuum safety relief valve
  • Hermetically sealed 24" access door located on top of the silo
  • Automatic pulse jet cleaning cartridge type filtration system located on the outside of silo roof allowing optimum material volume usage
  • High level detection system
  • Standard 60° discharge cone
  • Flow aid system geared for your specific product
  • Silo Top protective railing
  • 4" diameter schedule 40 fill line complete with 120V flow detector and CAMLOCK fitting, capable of up to 20 MTPH fill rate
  • 120V Control panel complete with audible 110dB alarm and light beacon
  • Automatic start 120V silo vent with filtration surface area of 250 ft2 (< 5mg/Nm3 escaped effluents) and capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -30 to +40 °C.
  • 120V level detectors


  • Aluminum, stainless steel silos
  • Continuous level sensors
  • Load cell mounting for real-time weight measurement
  • Precise inventory monitoring weight system
  • Lightning Grounding System
  • Heating, insulation and lighting (on skirted silos)
  • All accessories required for handling and transformation of the stored product


Storage Silos